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Mykonos wellness services: enjoy a therapeutic based treatment fusing Thai massage and deep tissue massage wherever you are on the Mikonos island.

Revitalize yourself and enjoy high quality massage services, face treatments, .Full Body Massage (Swedish Relax Massage)
Deep Tissue Massage
Face and Head massage
Reflexology Massage-Foot Massage

At your disposal 24/7.

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Our programs

Relaxation Massage
1201 hour
Relaxation massage is a smooth,
gentle, flowing style that promotes
general relaxation, relieves muscular
tension, plus improves circulation
and range of movement.

Swedish Massage
1201 hour
Incorporates long, gliding strokes
and kneading techniques on the
upper layers of the muscles.
This massage relaxes muscles,
improves circulation, increases
range of motion, and stimulates
the skin and nervous system.
Deep Tissue Massage
1301 hour
This type of massage therapy
delves deeply to reach muscle,
fascia, and connective tissue.
Applied judiciously by a skilled
practitioner, it may help improve
posture, ease movement, and
release chronic tension.
Pressure is strong.